washing machine repairIt is never a good thing when you have to deal with broken washing machines.

Washing machines come in a number of different shapes and sizes. Some of them seem to last forever, while other seems to break down almost as soon as you get them home. Many times the problems that we face seem to be huge problems, but really are very basic.

While many of these problems are possible to fix,  don't hesitate to call a professional technician at Active Appliances (888) 882-2848 to take care of the problem for you.

One of the big problems that people with have with their washers is the draining. Water just sits in the machine and won't drain out, or will do so very slowly. There are a couple of different problems that could be causing this. One of them is a kinked or broken drain hose. Check your drain hose's condition and make sure there are no sharp turns or holes in it. Next ensure that there is nothing clogging the hose. A Tube sock will often be the culprit. Finally check that the lid clicks shut. If none of these things solve your draining problem, it could be the drive coupling. If your washer won't spin, it is possible that you have a broken or loose drive belt.  If your belt is fine, it again may be the drive coupling.

washing machine repairsWhen it comes to washing machine repairs, there is a lot that many people do not know and it can be a very tricky task to get this accomplished. There are many things that you can remember to do to help your washing machine last longer without the need of repair. Some of these things may include: pre-treating stains, using burst resistant water hoses, turning off the water supply when you are on vacation, not overloading the washing machine, and not washing a load of clothes with too little water.

Because the drive coupling is often the problem and the focus for many washing machine repairs, we will explain how to do it. First you will need a coupling replacement kit. These are again cheap to buy. Now you will need to remove the cabinet of the washing machine after you disconnect the wiring behind the control panel. Now, in the back you will see the water pump, and you can slide that out after removing the clips. Don't disconnect the hoses or tubing however. The motor will be behind the water pump. Again, it will be held on by clips and then can be slid out. You will see the coupling now. One on the motor and one on the transmission and both can be popped off with a screwdriver. Now simply replace them with the new ones and put the washer back together.

These are very common washing machine repairs that you might try to tackle at home but you really should call us and let us do the difficult work.

One of the most common parts of the washing machine to break down is the agitator and there are several things that can contribute to a malfunctioning agitator. Overloading the washing machine or a broken electrical circuit are a couple of the culprits that can make this part in need of repair. Your washing machines owner’s manual may give you some tips on how to properly fix this very common problem.

Whether or not you decide to fix the washing machine ; you will definitely need to make sure that it is unplugged and water supplies to the machine are turned off.

Call a professional technician at Active Appliances (888) 882-2848 so you will be able to get your washing machine repaired in a timely manner and talk to us about our workmanship and parts, warranty, and your current washer problem.

washing machine repairs

Washing machines have been changing over the years. Not only is there an array of different brands of washers, but we now have the option of front loading and top loading washers. While the front loaders tend to be a bit more costly, they really are worth the extra money if you can swing it. They do more with less. They do more clothes with less detergent and less water and less energy. With that said about washers, what about dryers?

If you have heard about mold in front loading machines; there are a few things you can do. Leave the door open when not using. Run bleach cycles once in awhile. Wipe down the machine after every use inside the door and bin.

There are several things that are similar between Front and Top Loading Washer Repair Issues. These similarities include they both use a similar motor and water inlet systems. They also will both have a tub and balancing weights. If you ever start having problems with your washer motor, you may need to contact our technicians. If you have a top loading machine however, there is one part of the motor that you should check before calling anyone. This piece is the coupling. It is right inside the motor and connects the transmission to it. It is a simple plastic connector that often times burns out. This will cause the machine to run, but nothing will move. This piece is just inside the motor and is easy to get to.

Leaks will be something else that you may encounter when dealing with washer repair. For these you will want to check the integrity of the tub and also the drainage hoses. If there is no problem there, then you will want to tighten all of the fittings and the valves. Many times this is where the problem is. If the problem continues, check your door latch. This is a simple repair if it isn't latching all the way. It generally requires replacing it though.

The best choice is to call a professional technician at Active Appliances (888) 882-2848.