Washer Pump Repair and Installation

washer pump repairThere are hundreds of parts to a washing machine, but of all of these parts the pump takes the most abuse. Because of this it can often become the center of a repair. Washing machine pump repair isn't something this overly difficult and is something that is good for most people to know since it can go out so often. Of course if you don't feel qualified or are nervous to do this type of repair on your own, call us at 818-778-1999 to schedule a technician visit.

You will know when your washer pump is out, or going out, when your washer makes a loud rumbling sound and/or the water simply won't drain at the end of the cycle. To make sure it is the pump and not some clogged hose turn the water off to the washer and detach the two hoses from the back of the washer. Now you, using a needle nose pliers, remove the screen filter from inside the washer where the hoses attached. Clean these out, put the hoses back on, turn the water back on and see if it drains now. If not, it's time to look at the pump.

Start you washer pump repair by sponging up all of the water inside of the machine and then tip it onto its front. Remove the back service panel of the washer. You will be able to locate the pump from the bottom of the machine. It should have two hoses attached to it. Check the hoses first to make sure that they aren't crimped or pinched anywhere. If they are, straighten them and try the machine again. If that didn't work, then it's time to remove the pump.

Disconnect the hoses from the pump by unclipping the connections or clamps. Now you will have to loosen the bolt that is holding the drive belt tight and also move the washer motor on the bracket to loosen the belt. Now that the motor is out of the way, you can remove the pump. Normally it is held on with two or three bolts. Make sure that you hold the pump while removing the last bolt. Now you should be able to lift the pump out of the washer.

Now that you have the pump in hand, take it apart as best as possible, paying attention to how it goes together. Clean each part out thoroughly and then reassemble it and put the washer back together. Test the machine again, if it works then your pump was simply dirty and you are finished with the washer pump repair. If it still doesn't work, then you have to buy a new pump, take the old one out following the previous steps and then attach the new pump.