December 2013 Customer Video Reviews

Robert Freedman's, ex-president of Columbia Motion Pictures testimonial, speaks about the one of a kind service, provided by Active Appliances. December 2013.

“I spent my entire career in the motion picture industry. I was president of Columbia Pictures And I say it with humility; United Artists, MGM and AMC theaters I have always used Active Appliances when ever I had problems with any appliances at home. I live in Beverly Hills. I call Active Appliances and just as we have stars in the movie industries, Vitaly is one of those stars. He knows what he is doing, he is very professional. And we had problems from time to time over the years; Washers and dryers etc ., and Active Appliances is not only prompt but they are curteous and very professional and I recommend them to friends and family. I also would like to say that I noticed that some of the people that have come out like Vitaly are good Russian people. My grandparents are Russian. They are from Moscow and Kiev, and Minsk, and Odessa, so I speak a little Russian, the dirty words, I do the best I can. But I am a very happy, as I said I recommend them. I grew up in New York, came out here about 33 years ago. Active Appliances never failed, they are always prompt, they always do the job well. People I recommend it to are friends and family and are very pleased with them and have wonderful people working for them, who really know their job and I think that they are fair in terms of competition with regards to any pricing, you not have to be afraid of them…and proper pricing. And I can only tell you that I will not leave them and Vitaly is definitely a star, as far as I could say. Good looking enough to be a star too. If ever you need any kind of appliance help call Active Appliances, they’ll do the job for, they’ll do it for the right price, but most important they’ll do it right. Thank you very much for this…”

November 2013 Customer Video Reviews

Jennifer H. My name is Hop.. and Active Appliances came up to my house within 24 hours and fixed my microwave. And it was a great service and he did it quick. And it was good pricing.

Maricia K. Ok. I enjoyed. It was a quick service and I got my stuff done, and I got a great customer service and with no hassle. So, job well done.

Angelica L. Hi I am Angelica…. And I actually live here in Granada Hills. My stove actually was…something was wrong with my stove and I so called Active Appliances. And Joseph from Active Appliances actually came over and fixed our stove. Wonderful! He is a really good man. He fixed our stove and we are very happy.

October 2013 Customer Video Reviews

Stacey R. I really like Active Appliances. I called them because my washing machine was broken. They showed up on time, they fixed the problem. I was really happy. I am definitely gonna recommend them.

Varda A.

Hi&hello; I would like to thank Active Appliances for the wonderful job they did on my dishwasher installation. It was fit …and precise and hassle free. The technician was not only friendly but very knowledgeable and personal. He arrived on time and got the job done quickly. My new dishwasher looks and works great. I would definitely use Active Appliances services in the nearest future. If you want the job done right at first time use Active Appliances. You will not regret this.


September 2013 Customer Video Reviews

S. Gold My name is Steven…. Gold. I am a PHD. I am delighted to have used Active Appliances today. Because my wife is in a wheelchair and we were desperate to get our washing machine fixed. And your company came immediately and they did a fantastic job and I thank you. Appreciate you. We’ll use you again. Marcy Active Appliances came to repair my dryer today and they did an awesome job. They were professional and courteous and on time and I really appreciate it. Thank you Active. Lynn, M Hello. My name is Lynn Moffat. I live in Ventura, California. I have used Active Appliances for at least three years now. Every time they come out they are able to repair my appliance. Sometimes it takes more than one time, but I’ve always been incredibly satisfied with their work ethic, their professionalism and they are always very polite. Thank you.

August 2013 Customer Video Reviews

Shuli-"Hi I just want to let you know that I'm very happy with Active Appliances. It's a very good service, always on time. So he did the best job. Thank you." Karina-"Hello I'd like to thank Kobi for the absolutely wonderful service he afforded me for the work on my microwave. It's a difficult job. He had to come twice and his timing and his kindness and his expertise were outstanding. I highly recommend him and thank you."

July 2013 Customer Video Reviews

Jonathan-”I just wanna say that Alex did excellent work, was on time, did the job quickly, had the part ready, and explained it all very well, so we could understand. And we appreciate you sent him to us. This is excellent work. Thank you. “ Nick-“Thank you Active Appliances. Your representative were more than curteous and helpful. He was in and out, that I didn’t even notice him come in and out. And he is a good guy, great worker. And Thank you. “ Leon-“So I just had my dishwasher fixed by Active Appliances, did a great job. I really appreciate it. They were prompt on time, things got done. This was kind of difficult, cause it was some extra little tweaks to it but I really happy. Thanks.”

June 2013 Customer Video Reviews

Victoria-“Hi. My name is Susan…. and Active Appliance just fixed our oven , which we were very thrilled about because we have Easter coming up and service was prompt and good. Thank you.“ Betty-”The service was very good. They were very helpful and very nice and I was very pleased.“ Victor-”I just had my oven repaired by Gary from Active Appliance. I’ve had this problem with these door for …………time and I had it repaired it some time ago but it broke down, but it seems to be working very well right now. Thanks to Gary. Quite pleased with his service, he seems to know his job very well. I would strongly recommend this company to anyone else who needs these kind of service.”

May 2013 Customer Video Reviews

Susan-”Hey, Alex did a great job and he is very professional, went beyond the call of duty. He is a superior technician. Whatever company has him is a credit for them to employ this young man.” Marcy-”Thank you very much for settling our problem here. It has been kind of mess, and now we know it has been done and thank you very much for your help.” Patricia-”Thank you very much. Active Appliances was awesome., came early which was really, really good, everything fixed. I am very very pleased. Thank you so much.”