stoves repairsFew people realize how simple many repairs on appliances around their home really are. Sometimes you will clean something out, reattach a wire or even do something as simple as plug an appliance in or replace a fuse in the fuse box. For this article we are going to focus on stove repair. We will go through some of the basic steps that you should take before you call in a professional to repair your stove.

The first step in stove self repair is to analyze the problem. This seems obvious, but just knowing that a stove doesn't work isn't enough. It is one burner, or all of them? Does the clock work? Does it get a little hot or not hot at all? All of these and more are questions that you should be able to answer and will help you in your own stoves repair.

If your stove doesn't work at all, check the power. Check to make sure that the stove is plugged in and that the power cord is in decent shape.

If that isn't the case, head to the fuse box. Your stove may have blown a fuse or tripped the circuit breaker. Either way, these generally are the only reasons that you would lose complete power to a stove. You may find that one of your burners doesn't heat up as much as it should. This is only the case in electric stoves. If that is your problem, then you probably have a burned out receptacle. The receptacle is what the heating element is actually plugged into. If that is the case, you will want to replace both the receptacle and the heating element. Otherwise it might just be the element. To check if the element is actually burned out is to look closely at the burner. Many times the coil will have small holes or bubbles on it. For this you will simply need to replace the element itself. Your only other option that you can repair on your own is the infinite switch. This is behind the control panel and is the switch that the shaft of the knob for the burner that isn't working is attached to. These too are simple to replace.

Any other problems that you encounter with stove repair will probably require a service professional, but at least you've eliminated the common and simple problems.