stove repairStoves and cook tops are normally pretty basic appliances that have simple repairs. Part of the reason for this is the simplicity of the stoves assembly and also the few elements it has. Most times there is a problem with a stove it is related to the heating elements or the gas supply. These problems can be complicated and often times will need a professional when it is related to gas line problems. Things like leaks and bad valves in gas lines can really be dangerous when you don't know what you are doing every step of the way.

Aside from the gas line, the problems with your stove will probably be related to the pilot light or spark module. This will depend on the type of ignition that you stove has. Many times the pilot light can go out. This, too, can be a dangerous situation because the gas won't light and just enter into your home. If the gas hits another pilot light or some other spark it could ignite the entire cloud. So make sure that if you have problems with one of your pilot lights that you shut off the gas to that burner. Pilot lights are normally pretty easy to reignite however. Simply check your manual to find out how it is done with your particular model of stove. If your stove doesn't use a pilot light, but it is gas, it probably uses a spark module. This makes a spark to light the gas from the line. It is generally less dangerous, but it can be much more difficult to repair. If you don't know what you are doing or unsure about which module is out, you should contact a professional to have them test and replace the modules.

If you don't have a gas stove, electric stove repair will be different for you, if one of the burners is out or a problem the coil could be burned out. This would be easy to see if there are holes and/or bubbles on the coil itself. If this is something that you see on your coil you will need to replace both the element and the receptacle. Another potential problem could be the infinite switch. This is behind the control panel and is very easy to replace this switch. It is normally on the stem of the burner control. These simple stove repairs can be done on your own, but if there is something you are unsure about don't attempt it yourself and simply call us for a professional technician.