gasstoverepairWhen you have a gas stove, you expect it to work every time that you go and turn the knob. You expect there to be a clicking and then a flame on which you can cook. Sometimes that doesn't happen though. Sometime you hear a click, but nothing ever lights. Or occasionally you won't hear anything at all. This type of problem is generally related to the igniter. At this point many people will call a repair man in and have him fix it. Normally he will simply replace the igniter. But, most of the time in gas stove repair, this isn't necessary. Now you've just spent money to have him put in a part that you didn't even need. Here's how you can tackle this type of gas stove repair yourself.

We will begin with gas stove repair when you hear clicking, but have no flame. To start you will want to check a few things before you start ripping the stove apart. The clicking means that you should have a spark. Look at the color of that spark. It should be a crisp blue color, almost white. Now you should use a match to light the flame. If you can't, then you may have a problem with the gas line or have it set incorrectly. Also make sure that if you get a flame, that it is clean and blue. If it's not, you may have some cleaning to do. Also look at the igniter and make sure that it isn't covered in junk. If it is, clean it with warm water.

If everything appears normal, it's time to pop the hood. This should be pretty easy, normally you just have pull up on the front of the stove. Now you will be looking for loose or broken wires around the igniter. These are easy to reattach or replace if needed. Always make sure to shut the power off to the stove before doing this however. If nothing seems out of the ordinary, now you may want to call in a technician.

If you don't hear any clicking at all then you have much less to do. You will want to start by lifting the lid and looking at the igniter again. Check to make sure that there is power getting to the igniter This means looking for loose or broken wires again and also testing the wires that are supposed to be bringing the power to the igniter If everything is attached and working, then you will have to replace the spark module is shot. You will have to replace it. If you aren't comfortable doing that, call in a technician. Otherwise you can do the gas range repair yourself, just make sure you get the right type and size of module for your stove.

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