September 2013 Customer Video Reviews

S. Gold My name is Steven…. Gold. I am a PHD. I am delighted to have used Active Appliances today. Because my wife is in a wheelchair and we were desperate to get our washing machine fixed. And your company came immediately and they did a fantastic job and I thank you. Appreciate you. We’ll use you again. Marcy Active Appliances came to repair my dryer today and they did an awesome job. They were professional and courteous and on time and I really appreciate it. Thank you Active. Lynn, M Hello. My name is Lynn Moffat. I live in Ventura, California. I have used Active Appliances for at least three years now. Every time they come out they are able to repair my appliance. Sometimes it takes more than one time, but I’ve always been incredibly satisfied with their work ethic, their professionalism and they are always very polite. Thank you.

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