Refrigeration Repair

refrigerationrepairRefrigeration is the act of keeping foods cold and slowing down the rate that food spoils. Food is kept at a temperature just above freezing.

Before discussing refrigeration repair it may first be necessary to understand exactly how refrigeration works. During the refrigeration process heat is removed from a compacted space or substance and moved out of the system. The main purpose of refrigeration is to lower the temperature of the surrounding space or any surrounding substances and make sure that it is maintained at a lower temperature. Refrigeration repairs can be very complex but there are a few things that individuals can try at home. It is very simple to check components that are on the outside of the refrigeration system. These include the power, any control bottoms, condenser coils and any other parts that do not require taking the refrigerator apart. One of the most common refrigeration repair problems is a lack of refrigerant. This will cause the refrigerator to continuously run and not cool down properly. The condenser coils which are located at the bottom of the refrigerator can also pose a problem. These coils work to remove heat from the inside of the refrigerator into the room. They should be cleaned when they become dirty because if they are not properly cleaned the refrigerator may have trouble operating or maintaining its efficiency. For a refrigerator that has no power the first step should be to check and make sure that the power supply is working. Check to make sure that it is plugged in and that the outlet is still working properly. If it still does not come on then it is probably necessary to call a refrigeration repair technician. If the refrigerator becomes noisy or begins to leak this could be due to a loose part or fitting. Make sure to check all visible parts and make sure that nothing is loose or clogged up. A person who is not trained in refrigeration repair should only attempt small and simple steps that do not require taking apart the inside of the system. The inside of refrigerators is very intricate and an untrained person can do more harm than good. Troubleshooting techniques for refrigeration repair however are good and sometimes it can save the trouble of hiring an authorized technician at Active Appliances.