frigidaire washer repair

Frigidaire Washer Repair

is going to be very similar to almost any other top-loading washing machine repair, but it does depend on what model and how old that model is. For example, the older Frigidaire washers has one piece that controlled both the water pump and the motor. This meant that if something with either went wrong, you might have to replace the whole thing. Now they have those functions split into two different parts. This makes for potentially easier and cheaper Frigidaire washer repair.

With this split system you can cut your potential solutions in half when the machine breaks down. You will simply want to try and turn the belt by hand. If it will turn and the agitator or tub spins like it should, then you have probably got an electrical problem. These can normally be fixed by examining any exposed wires or broken connections on the motor or at the outlet. If nothing works even when you spin the belt by hand, then you probably have a mechanical problem. This can be a number of different things. Normally a broken belt, transmission or bearings is the culprit for this, but you will want to take a closer look at these parts before buying new.

To start Frigidaire washer repair you will need to get inside. To do this on most of the newer Frigidaire models, there are a two screws on the bottom that you have to remove. Once that is done you should be able to pull down on the front panel and get to the inner workings.

Another huge problem with many Frigidaire washers has been the lid switch. As with most machines, if the lid is open, the washer won't run, so if the switch is broken it won’t run either. It isn't a difficult Frigidaire washer repair, but it will take some time. But just try testing it with an ohm meter to see if it actually broken or not. If so, then work on replacing it. If it is working fine, you should look around the tub of the machine. The Frigidaire washers have large spaces where debris can get between the tub and the encasing causing the machine to stop all together.

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