maytagappliancerepairWe are Factory Authorized for Maytag Appliance Repairs.

Maytag appliances have been around for a long time. In fact they have been in business since 1907. They started with washing machines, but now have full lines of almost every large appliance. Because of this long history they build great appliances. If you have or are considering a Maytag appliance this should allow you to have a bit of comfort. Another great thing about them is they share this knowledge of their appliances.

You can find all kinds of Maytag appliance repair manuals and frequently asked questions available on their website. They have a great customer service department that is very knowledgeable about their products and are very willing to help you through your Maytag appliance repair at your home. With appliance break-downs and error codes and other problems all part of owning an appliance it is good to know that they’ve got over one hundred years of experience behind them.

Another perk to simply calling when you are looking at a Maytag appliance repair is your appliance may still be covered under a warranty. This could mean that if you need an entire new appliance or just a new part, the replacement or repair will end up being free. This is something that you may not know. Call a professional technician at Active Appliances (888) 882-2848 – we are factory authorized under Maytag warranties.

These are just a few easy suggestions that could end up saving you a lot of time, hassle, and possibly even money when you are looking at a Maytag appliance repair.

Call us at Active Appliances for Maytag warranty or retail repairs in Los Angeles County. (888) 882-2848.