gewashingmachinerepairOne of the more common GE washing machine repair problems people have is their washer not spinning. This is an important step in the washing process because without spinning the clothes will simply sit in water and completely dripping wet when you remove them from the washer. This is not only good for the clothing, but it is also not good for the dryer that you are about to put those clothes in. They weigh too much and will take hours to dry completely. With this said, knowing how to check for problems with your washer when it won’t spin is a good thing to know.

The first check is simple. It is your lid switch. This switch is safety device that shuts the spinning off when the lid opens. It obviously prevents plenty of accidents and injuries related to the spin cycle of your washer, but it can cause problems too. If your lid switch isn’t latching properly when the lid is shut, then the machine will assume that the lid is open and won’t do the spin cycle. This type of GE washing machine repair is simply a matter of replacing the switch. It’s pretty simple and cheap to do and will come with directions. To find out if that’s the problem, just close the lid slowly and make sure it shuts completely and clicks into place. If it doesn’t, it’s time for a new switch.

The next thing to check will require you to take the washing machine apart a little bit. This is fairly simple, just a couple of screws, generally on the back of the machine. Take those out and you should be able to remove the encasing the actually washing machine is in. Now find the drive belt. It is the belt that is attached to the drum. If it seems worn, simply replace it. Again, this is a very easy and cheap repair. Simply pay attention to how the old belt is on the motor and drum, and mimic it when putting the new one one. If the belt has oil on it, then you have a major problem. This means that you transmission casing is leaking oil and it is causing the belt and other parts to work inefficiently, or in your case, not at all. This means a new belt and a new transmission. This costs some big bucks and generally it’s better to trash the machine than attempt this GE washing machine repair.

Those are your major checks when doing a GE washing machine repair that is connected to not having a spin cycle. If you can’t find the problem, or don’t feel comfortable taking the machine apart, simply call us at (888) 882-2848 to schedule a technician visit.

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