gedishwasherrepairYour entire dishwasher is controlled by at least one motor. The motor is generally attached to a pump and it makes sure that the water goes into the sprayer arms. Once the drain cycle begins this same motor is responsible for pushing the water back out of the dishwater and ultimately down the drain. Some GE dishwashers have more than one motor and some of the motors are arranged differently but they all basically do the same thing. One of the most common problems that lead to GE dishwasher repair is that the unit simply stops working.

The first and one of the most obvious things is to check the power source and make sure that power is still available. Check for a blown fuse or any other possible electrical problems. Another simple tip is the check the door switch located on the dishwasher. If it has become damages or defective in any way the dishwasher will not work. It can generally be found under the control panel cover or in some units in the interior liner of the door. If it is found to be defective it can easily be replaced.

The main purpose of the GE dishwasher is to clean the dishes so if the unit begins to not clean properly or entirely then that probably means a GE dishwasher repair is in order. Many cleaning problems are related to a malfunction with the water-inlet valve. This can prevent the dishwasher from getting adequate amounts of water. If this is the problem it may be necessary to change this valve. The valve comes with replacement instructions so any individual attempting to perform this should make sure to pay careful attention to the instructions. Debris that gets lodged in the drain valve or spray arms can also affect the dishwasher's cleaning ability.

GE dishwasher repair can be a simple process with a little thought and preparation. However it is important to note that if the dishwasher is still under warranty it may be easier and cheaper to call in a repair technician. For the most part GE dishwashers are pretty basic and with the right directions, repair is possible.

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