frigidairedryerrepairFrigidaire dryer repair is something that isn’t all the difficult, especially if you have the parts that you need. In fact, when you have the part that you need there is really only one thing standing in your way to successful Frigidaire dryer repair, the disassembly of the dryer. Sometime taking a dryer apart and putting it back together successfully can be a little tricky. This article takes you through the steps to getting inside your Frigidaire dryer and finding the components you need to take apart.

The first step in any Frigidaire dryer repair is to disconnect the power. This can be done by unplugging the machine or shutting the power down at the circuit breaker or fuse box. No matter how you do it, just make sure that you do it. Skipping this step, though it seems small, can have some major consequences when you begin repairs.

After you’ve disconnected the power you will want to locate the two clips that are on the underside of the top of the dryer. The easiest way to unclip these is with 2 putty knives. Simply run them in the space between the top and body of the dryer to unclip the clips. This will allow you to lift the top of the dryer up. Now you need to start working on the front of the dryer. There are either 2 or 4 screws that you will have to remove that connect the front to each side. Taking these out will allow you to lift the entire front of the dryer out. At this point you will want to make sure that you have a spot where you are putting all of the hardware (screws, nuts, etc…) that you are taking off of the machine.

Now you will want to remove the belt. For this you need to get to the back of the machine. On the back of the machine there should be what is called an inspection plate. This plate allows visual access to the motor and idler. There should be 2 screws that you can easily remove to take the inspection plate off. Next look at how the belt is set up on the motor and idler so you can put it back on correctly. Now simply take the belt off, it should come off fairly easily. Once you have the belt removed you can return to the front of the dryer and, holding the belt in one hand, use the other to pull the back of the drum up. You will be pulling it out of a socket, so lift up first before pulling towards you.

This is as much as you will ever need to take apart a Frigidaire dryer for any Frigidaire dryer repair that you will encounter. Most repairs do not require this much disassembly, but if you ever encounter a repair that does, you’ll be ready.

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