electricdryerrepairMost of the dryers found in typical homes are electrical dryers meaning they run by electricity. The way a dryer works is very straightforward and relatively simple. The dryer has a motor which turns the clothes drum and is also responsible for turning a fan which is referred to as the blower. An electrical dryer also contains a heating element which helps to heat the air. One of the most important aspects of an electrical dryer is the door because it can not and should not work until the door is closed. When the door switch mechanism present on the dryer signals that the door is closed the dryer cycle will begin. Electrical dryers are fairly not problematic appliances, but the most important component is electricity. Many electric dryer repairs are related to problems with electricity.

If the dryer suddenly stops working the electrical connections should be checked. The easiest thing to do is to make sure that the dryer is plugged in correctly and that a fuse has not blown. A tripped circuit breaker can also affect the power supply. As mentioned previously the door switch is also very important to the function of the dryer so make sure that it is functioning correctly.

One of the most common electrical dryer repair problems is that the dryer becomes noisy. This can be from several different things. The dryer could be too full which can easily be fixed by removing some clothing. Filling a dryer to full can lead to damage of the dryer and it will affect the overall life of the dryer. The clothes in the dryer may also be unleveled and may need to be redistributed. For example all the clothes may be on the right side of the dryer so simply moving an equal amount to the left side will probably stop the noise. Some dryers may also run louder if heavy objects such as rugs or shoes are being dried. Some electrical dryers come equipped with an inside light that comes on whenever the dryer is opened. If this light stops functioning it simply needs to be replaced. This is one of the easiest electrical dryer repairs.

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