December 2013 Customer Video Reviews

Robert Freedman's, ex-president of Columbia Motion Pictures testimonial, speaks about the one of a kind service, provided by Active Appliances. December 2013.

“I spent my entire career in the motion picture industry. I was president of Columbia Pictures And I say it with humility; United Artists, MGM and AMC theaters I have always used Active Appliances when ever I had problems with any appliances at home. I live in Beverly Hills. I call Active Appliances and just as we have stars in the movie industries, Vitaly is one of those stars. He knows what he is doing, he is very professional. And we had problems from time to time over the years; Washers and dryers etc ., and Active Appliances is not only prompt but they are curteous and very professional and I recommend them to friends and family. I also would like to say that I noticed that some of the people that have come out like Vitaly are good Russian people. My grandparents are Russian. They are from Moscow and Kiev, and Minsk, and Odessa, so I speak a little Russian, the dirty words, I do the best I can. But I am a very happy, as I said I recommend them. I grew up in New York, came out here about 33 years ago. Active Appliances never failed, they are always prompt, they always do the job well. People I recommend it to are friends and family and are very pleased with them and have wonderful people working for them, who really know their job and I think that they are fair in terms of competition with regards to any pricing, you not have to be afraid of them…and proper pricing. And I can only tell you that I will not leave them and Vitaly is definitely a star, as far as I could say. Good looking enough to be a star too. If ever you need any kind of appliance help call Active Appliances, they’ll do the job for, they’ll do it for the right price, but most important they’ll do it right. Thank you very much for this…”

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