dryer belt repairStep-by-Step Dryer Belt Repair. Have you ever been washing, or more accurately, drying clothing in your dryer and heard a loud bang. And, upon further inspection, noticed the drum is no longer turning, then chances are you have broken a drive belt. This is a pretty common problem, especially if you've had the dryer for a long time, or use it a lot. The good thing about this problem is that dryer belt repair is relatively simple.

To begin with dryer belt repair; unplug the dryer, remove the lint screen and also the lint screen housing. This is true mostly with dryers that have the lint screen on top of the dryer, if it has it inside, remove that housing as well. Normally this only requires removing one or two screws. Now you will need to start taking off the encasing around the dryer. With the lint housing taken off you should be able to use either a putty knife or screw driver to pop the front corners of the lid off. Next you will have to remove the front panel. For this you will need your putty knife again. Near the top corner of the front panel on the inside there should be clips holding it on to each side, simply twist those off with putty knife. Next use some wood blocks to support the drum before you finish removing the front panel. Also, before removing the front panel, go to the bottom of the machine and loosen the screws on the bottom tray. Don't remove them completely. Now you can finish removing the front panel. This can be done by taking out the screw below the clips. Don't take the front completely off, just lean it away from the drum.

Now you can begin the actual changing the belt. Hopefully you've already found and taken out the old, broken belt. If not, do that. Now take the new belt and slip it over the drum. Once you get the belt around the drum, re-secure the front panel. Next you should find where the old belt was located on the drum. Put the new belt in that groove (groove side of the belt down) and then locate the dryer motor. With the motor, you will want to pull the idler pulley toward the motor and double loop the belt around the pulley and then loop it around the motor. You have now completed the dryer belt repair. You simply need to rotate the drum to make sure the belt is on track all the way around the drum and then reassemble everything that you took off or loosened.

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