maytagwashingmachinerepairCommon Maytag Washing Machine Repair issues are discussed here.

Maytag washing machine repair is something that most people want to try and avoid if at all possible. It isn't because it is difficult to perform or anything like that. It is simply because when things break down, it is inconvenient and we don't like inconveniences. Actually, most Maytag washing machine repairs are really easy to deal with.

This is because Maytag has made their appliances easy to take apart and made most of the parts removable and replaceable relatively cheaply. There are many problems that could lead to Maytag washing machine repair, but some are more common than other.

One of the problems people will encounter is the "Agitator" won't spin; but everything else works. This causes problems because the clothes will simply get wet, not cleaned. If your agitator isn't working then there are a couple possible problems. One of them is easy, while the other one is a little more complicated. There is a coupling that is between the agitator covering and the "Spine" of the agitator. This is the center piece under the plastic agitator that is attached to the transmission and causes the agitator to spin. To test if that coupling is the problem, you simply need to take the agitator out of the machine. This normally only requires you to pop the top off and remove one mounting bolt. Once the agitator is out, put the machine on a light load with low water and see if the post agitates. If it does you simply need to replace the coupling, which is cheap and easy. If it doesn't work, then you need a new transmission, or transmission work.

Another thing that many people will encounter is their machine shaking. This will actually require very little Maytag washing machine repair. This is because rarely is it anything wrong with the machine. To start with, make sure the load is balanced. Assuming it is, stop the machine and try to rock it. If it rocks you will want to adjust the legs on the bottom to balance the machine out. If it doesn't rock, check to make sure all of the packing material was removed when you got the machine (do this especially if the machine is new). If none of those are the case, you may have a problem with your floor. When your machine starts to shake see if the floor or anything around it vibrates also. Weak floors can give a machine the same feel as an unbalanced leg. There is little to do at this point unless you plan to either move the machine or build a stand or lay new flooring.

The best thing to do is call a professional technician at Active Appliances (888) 882-2848 – we are factory authorized under Maytag warranties.